Commuted Value

The professionals at Ross Taylor Financial Corporation are among the most experienced advisors in Ontario for people who want to commute, by drawing the money out of their pension plan when they leave their employment. With our advice, clients can minimize the income tax involved, pay off any debt, and match cash flow to lifestyle needs.

Our advisors can help you:

  • Find out your commuted value, which is an amount of money required to provide your full pension entitlement including your pension income, indexing and survivor benefits.
  • Determine whether commuting is possible, or right for you.
  • Calculate whether your commuted value or your pension benefit would best support your financial needs.
  • Decide how to tax effectively augment your pension funds with RRSP funds.
  • Ensure your health and life insurance continues after retirement.
  • Manage your income tax effectively.
  • Review your situation at least annually to take advantage of any changes

If you belong to a pension plan, learn more about your options at retirement. Contact us using the form below and we will advise you what choices you may have when planning your retirement.

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Under no circumstances will we contact your employer, your pension plan or any other persons, firms, or organizations regarding your request for this information. We will answer your enquiry solely from our own resources and expertise based upon the information you provide.