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Volatility over Greece
Category: Markets
What a day in the Markets this past May 6th 2010. Two things were part of the problem. The first is easy to address. There was an unexplained glitch in the trading system which is being corrected b...
Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP)
Category: Savings
In 2008 The Government of Canada came out with Disability Savings Plans. These plans provide grants, or free money, to save and use as an income when the account holder turns 60 years of age. If yo...
What is a TFSA?
Category: Savings
A TFSA is a Tax Free Savings Account that is exempt from taxes. Now from a Canadian perspective we always feel there is a catch somewhere. When is it taxed? Never. This is a new concept here in Can...
Parent's Retirement vs. Helping Children
Both Ross and I have witnessed the dilemma of parents watch their kids in trouble or adding to student debt and wanting to help. Usually parents step in with both feet to correct it but find, or ig...