Financial Planning

The best way to get ahead in life is to make more right decisions than wrong. Financially we can help you make better decisions as you work towards making a better life. That means we can help you understand what choices are available to you and advise the best course of action to meet your goals and objectives. Dealing with a financial planner allows you to lean on the knowledge of a professional who knows how to help you financially with whatever comes your way. Give us a call to get started.

Retirement Planning

As you approach the golden years you may be concerned about how much you have and how much you will need to make them truly “golden”. There are many ideas floating around about what you need to retire without considering what YOU need. We can take a snapshot of your current financial picture and discuss what your goals are for retirement. We can help you meet those goals with advice and solutions specific to your needs. You should be surprised how little it takes to achieve financial well-being. To provide a free assessment of your finances please call or email for an appointment.

Estate Planning

How will the assets that provide you a place to live, and income to spend be handled when you no longer need them? How will it transfer to those you care about and how much will be left after taxes and probate fees? Does the Will do it all or are there better methods of transferring your estate? These are all things that need to be looked after and the solutions are very easy to implement without it impacting your current situation. We can help you look through the options available and recommend an efficient way of handling the estate. Call or email for an appointment to get started.