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Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor
Chartered Financial Planner

Jonathan is a Chartered Financial Planner and President of the firm. He started in the industry in 1992 and became a Chartered Financial Planner in 1995.

He is registered to sell Mutual Funds in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick. His Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance license is with the above provinces excluding New Brunswick. In addition, Jonathan holds a Labour Sponsored Funds License for special RRSP investment opportunities.

In addition to serving the financial needs of new clients, Jonathan continues to assist with existing clients and the general operations of the firm. His common sense approach combined with his considerable knowledge and expertise offers clients a relaxed, comfortable understanding of their financial needs and opportunities.

Additional Team Members

The company cannot be successful without the dedicated team at Ross Taylor Financial Corporation. Mary, Debbie, and Laura handle client service and support to take care of your needs. When you have any questions or concerns they are there to help.

Our planning process usually involves the following:

  1. An initial interview to obtain personal data, explore your goals and expectations, and provide an opportunity to get to know you.
  2. A second meeting to review the advisor's recommendations with you. We then give you an opportunity to digest the recommendations privately at home.
  3. A third meeting to answer any questions and decide upon a suitable implementation timetable. When we expedite your plan for you, there is no charge to you for our planning services.
  4. Subsequent meetings and reviews are arranged to implement additional parts of your plan appropriately, to monitor taxes and report on your financial progress.